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We are building a worldwide network of inspiring, live-work-play communities in beautiful locations for the conscious lifestyle and wellness tribe.

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Conscious Living Club

Conscious Living Club is an online portal providing curated, conscious real estate and business opportunities for creative, connected, sustainable living.

Our members are interested in natural and sustainable living, regenerative and permaculture design, holistic health freedom, spirituality, sacred plant medicine, Earth reconnection,  and other types of human and holistic lifestyle.

Curated opportunities include conscious real estate, co-housing, community building, eco-travel, retreats and ceremonies and other social venture  business opportunities.

We are a project of the Conscious Living Network.


We are a free membership based club to help conscious,  freedom-loving people to thrive in the covid and post-covid era

What we Stand for

We are not trying to “save the world’. We are focused on building a worldwide network of conscious lifestyle communities for those unwilling to accept covid-based tyranny and prefer to co-create healthy and conscious community that share the following values:

Healthy Lifestyle

We promote holistic and integrative health and wellness solutions that emphasize building long-term natural immunity. Pesticide-free healthy diets, clean water, fresh air, regular excerise and reduced stress are promoted.


We uphold the fundamental freedom of expression, belief and association that was supposed to bedroock of modern civilizatino. We also strive to help our members to become free inwardly in their thinking and conditioning, which is where real freedom begins.


As Covid curators push the world online, now is the time to buck the trend and develop and share the skills necessary for community self-sufficiency and resilience- growing and preparing food, building, craftsmanship, pottery, hand-work, music and artistic pursuits…each one teach one and we’ll survive and thrive.

Safe Technology

We live in a technological age, and this will only continue to accelerate in the future. However, we must ensure that our use of technology for positive purposes does not impair our human health, and our connections to Nature, Spirit and one another.


Permaculture design, organic and biodynamic farming, natural building, EMF awareness, and earth stewardship practices for healthy communities in ecological balance.

Economic Sharing

While elites would like to keep us competing with one another for their table scraps, we know that economic cooperation, open-sourcing, and sharing is the most human and productive way forward. By working cooperatively with and for one another we grow our collective prosperity and deepen social connection.

Spiritual Growth

Discovering solutions to the world’s problems requires transcending our limited brain-bound consciousness and accessing our highest and deepest wells of creativity, ingenuity and knowing.  From these places we unlock the mysteries of life and the journey of the Human Spirit.

Human Connection

There is inifinite richness, beauty and depth in human connection. From the moment we are born we yearn for it, and require it to thrive socially and spiritually. We will not allow fear and technocratic agendas to keep us separated, masked and isolated from this most basic human need.

Membership Levels

The healthy social life is found
when in the mirror of each human soul
the whole community finds its reflection
And when in the community
the virtue of each one is

- Rudolf Steiner

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